Creating a culture of wellness in the workplace

Company Wellness.jpgLeading edge companies are making wellness a part of the company’s overall mission statement. This could incorporate areas to ‘chill-out’ or quiet rooms within their building or giving employees time for exercise breaks. Some companies are going that one step further by incorporating regular short massage treatments for their staff during work hours at their offices.

A wellness incentive has great benefits to both the company and the employee. A healthier workforce is a more productive workforce, creating a greater output in the working day and healthier employees should have fewer days off. It can improve employee relations and morale and enhance recruitment and retention of employees.

Not only are there benefits to the company and the wellbeing of the staff but the government has also recognised these benefits and has introduced tax breaks to the company to promote good health to their employees. (Please refer to you company financial advisor for full details on the tax break.)

I am now able to offer massage treatments to companies as part of their wellness incentive, please contact me to find out more.



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