Love your lungs


Love your lungs

Here are a few things that we can do to improve lung function and general well-being.


Being active is good for us, it can help improve your breathing and quality of life. By increasing your fitness and strengthening your muscles gradually you increase your cardiovascular strength, breathing muscles and heart, making daily everyday activities like going shopping, doing housework, climbing the stairs easier. It can help improve your ability to resist infections, your flexibility, increase your energy levels and your well-being and confidence. Being active can help reduce anxiety and depression, stress levels and blood pressure, improve balance and co-ordination.


Eating a well balanced diet can keep you feeling as strong and fit as possible, ensure you are eating a diet included a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit and drinking plenty of water.


Try to reduce stress levels and sleeping well.

Further information is available on the National Breathe Easy Week website, raising awareness of lung conditions and helps to fund their life-changing research and important support and campaigning work.

If you suffer from any lung or health conditions please get advise from your GP before taking on any exercise or diet plan.

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