Event Massage, a humbling experience!

I had the absolute honour to be asked to support Ian and John over the weekend during their challenge to individually cycle for 24 hours on a spin bike.

Watching these two push themselves to override this mental and physical challenge was not only a humbling experience but fascinating one. Walking into the studio at one point, approx 19 hours in to find them pedalling, heads down, eyes closed, both looking as if they were in the deepest darkest pain cave made me realise how much mental strength these two have. Seeing how they would switch from being completely drained and seeming vacant from the sleep deprivation to suddenly be right back, rearing to keep going and get the task done was incredible. Having the opportunity to offer them support through massage treatments, stretching, and kinesiology taping was an absolute pleasure, never did I hear a negative thought that they couldn’t do it or they wanted to stop, yes there were aches and pains but we worked together to override these and get them to the end. Truly an honour to be part of it.

An absolutely brilliant final hour with Steve from Fox Cycling, Portishead, ramped up and lead a fantastic full buzzing studio to the end! What a finale!

The best part is together they raised a lot of money for Nicola Corry Support Foundation, a local charity that helps families cope with cancer. A massive thank you to all those involved for providing facilities, support, cakes, raffle prizes, coffee, bacon rolls, kit, nutrition, the list is endless, thank you all!

Being part of this challenge and experience was so enriching in so many ways and I have total respect and so proud of these two!

If you are interested in having support at your event please get in touch via my Contact page.



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