Getting to know Defibrillators

It’s essential as part of my work to be able to provide First Aid if ever I need to. Having recently completed my Emergency First Aid at work, I now feel confident with the knowledge and ability if the need arises.

Part of the training was on the Defibrillators, it was brilliant to be able to see how one works, but more importantly and the message I want to get across is you absolutely don’t need to know how to use one prior to needing one! The main and essential part is you only need to know where the closet one is, or refer to for their locations. All instructions are there on the machine, you need to take a phone, ring the number and follow the instructions! It really is that simple and it could really save a life!

Please get to know your local town defibrillator locations, and take note of the Heart Safe website encase you are not in your home town and need to locate one.

As I am local to Portishead, here is the location map of the defib machines in this town. Please do share this important information.

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