Coping Strategies – 1

Globally we are experiencing restrictions on what is our ‘norm’. With many countries having to self-isolate to different extremes it is is making us find new ways of living. So what can we do to help our bodies and mind to get through this time?

Here is my first coping strategy….

Getting outdoors

Following the social distancing measures foremost, if you are allowed, really try get your once a day exercise. This doesn’t mean suddenly go start running or cycling without any thought, if you are not a runner/cyclist you need build up the miles at a steady pace, this is not the time you want to suffer an injury. 

Coping Strategies getting outdoors
View of Gordano Valley near Portishead

Go explore from your house, you may be surprised what is on your doorstep, venture down local roads you have not been down before. During your outdoor exercise turn your phone off and tuck it away in a pocket just for emergency, look up, look around, take in the world it is extremely beautiful. Don’t be afraid to smile and say ‘hello, how are you?’ to anyone you pass (at a 2 meter distance), this little interaction will give so much to you and them during this time when human interaction is so restricted. When out walking don’t always just stroll, at times quicken your pace, swing your arms and get your heart rate up.

It is really important to get out for a bit everyday and move your body, by doing this it will really help not just your body but also your mental health. It is incredibly easy to slip into a netflix housebound state which quickly can be detrimental to both body and mind.

Take care, be safe.

Always here if you need a chat or advice, feel free to get it touch.

Annabel x