Plan well, Eat well

I am not so much going to give you tips on what to eat, I am sure that many of us know that we need to eat a healthy well-balanced diet. Instead I am going to expand a bit on some other factors around food during this time of COVID 19.


We really need to not be panic buying during these times as this can cause negative consequences, such as increase in prices on those items, overconsumption of those foods. It is also important to not only be considering your needs but those of others. Use what you already have at home before over-stocking, this will avoid food waste but also ensure there is food (and products) for everyone. Think of others.


Once home, use your fresh ingredients and those with shorter shelf life first. Prioritizing these non- perishables. Batch cook if things need eating up before they go out date and pop some meals in the freezer for later.


With maybe having a bit more time, dust off those cookery books and get familiar with your kitchen again. Or there are lots of great recipes online you can choose from and try. Experiment with ingredients, maybe get the kids to help in the kitchen, it will be a great time to connect with them and also give them something to do and try. Keep the focus on healthy meals with accessible ingredients.

After preparing these lovely meals, enjoy them together around a table with your family.


It is very easy to overeat, especially when stuck and home with possible boredom setting in. Be a mindful eater, listen to those first signs of feeling full. Have a glass of water if you feeling hungry and wait 15 minutes to see if it really was hunger as quite often we can just be thirsty.

DON’T & DO’S (a few tips)

Limit your sugar intake
Limit your salt intake
Limit you fat intake
Limit your alcohol intake
Consume enough fibre
Stay hydrated
Follow safe food handling practices

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