Control what you can control

Aren’t we being blessed with amazing sunshine while we are in lockdown? Some may think it is cruel but I am very grateful, it gives us much more opportunity to feel better and help our mental health in these times.

Some of you know, as I have spoken about him before, but I am a big fan of Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s podcast ‘Feel Better Live More’. I have also read and passed on his book ‘The Four Pillars’.

This week I would like to direct you to listen to one, maybe two, of his podcasts.

A few months back I listened to his conversation with John McAvoy, Episode 91, it is an incredibly inspirational story of him serving two life sentences to breaking British World sporting records whilst in prison. They have collaborated again and his recent conversation, Episode 107 which I have listened to this week, will hopefully bring some fresh perspective on our current lockdown. Having spent 24 hours a day in a prison cell in complete isolation for a whole year, he knows more about isolation than most of us.

Hope you get a chance to listen to one or both of these podcasts. 

If you don’t get a chance, his real take home messages are

  • Keep exercising
  • Keep your routine
  • Try limit the news
  • Can you make the choice to get physically and mentally stronger
  • Control what you can control