Do you struggle with pain in the back of your thigh? Either behind your knee, in the muscle belly or near to your buttocks?⠀ ⠀ You may of noticed it is difficult to fully straighten your knee without pain, you can’t take large steps or walk quickly or running, maybe there is pain with climbing … More Hamstrings

Shoulder Pain

Are you struggling with shoulder pain or decreased range of movement in your shoulders? Pain is exhausting and can interfere with our lives, I can help you start your journey to decreasing the pain, improving the range of movement and get you feeling good and back doing the things you enjoy. Treatment is through a … More Shoulder Pain

Main effects and benefits of sports and remedial massage

Sports and remedial massage can play an important part in anyone’s life, whether they are injured or not. The primary reason is usually to support the reduction of tension and stress in the body’s soft tissues which can occur as a result of over exertion or excessive use. It can also help reduce and prevent … More Main effects and benefits of sports and remedial massage