What is cupping?

Firstly some history This ancient method of soft-tissue intervention has been traced back to one of oldest medical textbooks in history, The Ebers Papyrus, written in 1550 BC, which describes Egyptians’ use of cupping techniques. It has been used in cultures around the world for centuries, as a means of therapeutic and medical intervention. Cupping Therapy … More What is cupping?

Who am I

This is me…. I am Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist (Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage), with qualifications in RockTape, RockPods, extended studies of the shoulder and hip and achilles. I have experience and training in a wide variety of sporting and not-sporting musculoskeletal imbalances. Offering treatments to help you feel and move better.  Soft Tissue … More Who am I


Do you struggle with pain in the back of your thigh? Either behind your knee, in the muscle belly or near to your buttocks?⠀ ⠀ You may of noticed it is difficult to fully straighten your knee without pain, you can’t take large steps or walk quickly or running, maybe there is pain with climbing … More Hamstrings

Massage for decreased delayed onset muscle soreness

Having a massage after strenuous exercise results in a significant decrease in DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). DOMS occurs within the first 24 hours after exhaustive or intensive exercise, reaching a peak between 24 and 72 hours. It can often be accompanied by muscle swelling, reduction of performance and decreased range of movement.  A study* … More Massage for decreased delayed onset muscle soreness

Massage to decrease onset muscle soreness, improve muscle performance

Post exercise massage can help decrease the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), along with an increase in muscle performance. A review “Massage Alleviates Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness after Strenuous Exercise: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”  involved over 500 participants for findings of this study. The findings demonstrated that muscle soreness rating decreased significantly when the … More Massage to decrease onset muscle soreness, improve muscle performance