Get a routine

In normal circumstances, it’s hard to argue that there is something wonderful about those rare days at home, where you can get up late, stay in your pyjamas and sit around the house without any major commitments to worry about. However, when we are all in lockdown at home everyday finding a routine can be … More Get a routine


“I came home from work with a stabbing pain in my shoulders and was recommended to see Annabel. She went out of her way to fit in an appointment for me and after a few sessions and some homework, I was back to my normal self. Very professional and friendly service.” Alex L

What is cupping?

Firstly some history This ancient method of soft-tissue intervention has been traced back to one of oldest medical textbooks in history, The Ebers Papyrus, written in 1550 BC, which describes Egyptians’ use of cupping techniques. It has been used in cultures around the world for centuries, as a means of therapeutic and medical intervention. Cupping Therapy … More What is cupping?


Do you struggle with pain in the back of your thigh? Either behind your knee, in the muscle belly or near to your buttocks?⠀ ⠀ You may of noticed it is difficult to fully straighten your knee without pain, you can’t take large steps or walk quickly or running, maybe there is pain with climbing … More Hamstrings


“Annabel knows what’s she’s doing. I had an op on my shoulder. She gave me welcome reassurance about its mobility and loosened up the joint and the scar tissue. As for my stiff leg ligaments and tired muscles – they also felt great afterwards and she gave great stretching advice.” Phil S

Shoulder Pain

Are you struggling with shoulder pain or decreased range of movement in your shoulders? Pain is exhausting and can interfere with our lives, I can help you start your journey to decreasing the pain, improving the range of movement and get you feeling good and back doing the things you enjoy. Treatment is through a … More Shoulder Pain